Elena Bruno Rotolo | Help For Migraines
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Help For Migraines

Food and drink: Many people experience migraines when they eat certain foods, especially: wheat, dairy, sugar, artificial preservatives or chemical additives, cured or processed meats, alcohol (especially red wine and beer), aspartame, caffeine, and MSG. Too much or too little coffee/caffeine can also trigger an attack

Changes in sleeping cycle: Both missing sleep and oversleeping can trigger migraine

Hormones: Some women experience migraines before or during their periods, during pregnancy or during menopause. Others may get migraines from hormonal medications like birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy

Allergies: Including food allergies and food sensitivities, and chemical sensitivities.

Stress/Post-stress: Any kind of emotional trauma can trigger a migraine, even after the stress has passed

External stimuli: Bright lights, fluorescent lights, loud noises, and strong smells (even pleasant ones) can trigger a migraine

Dehydration and/or hunger. Skipping meals or fasting are also common triggers

Physical exertion: Extremely intense exercise or even sex has been known to bring on migraines

There are many herbs that can help with these headaches. I too was a migraine sufferer and can say that I no longer deal with these extremely painful headaches. Contact me today and we can get you on the road to being pain free!