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Healthy Food Shopping Tours


Have you ever felt intimidated walking into a health food store? Have you ever wondered what all of the different and mysterious foods are on the shelves? Do you want to know what organic really means?


I will clear up all confusion and de-mystify the world of healthy foods at our Healthy Food Shopping Tour! During our 60 minute tour, you will learn all about the most beneficial foods for your body, including antioxidant rich foods, organic and natural foods, and much more.


After our shopping tour you will feel comfortable in the health food store and confident about making healthier food shopping choices, while still keeping to your budget.


Contact me to schedule your tour!
elena@elenabrunorotolo.com or 201-919-7174


Cost: $60


Special: $50 per person when you invite a friend!

The 8 Week Program


The 8 Week program is a personally tailored solution for you. Whether you are looking to lose weight or alleviate a chronic condition or illness, committing to an ongoing plan is the best way to achieve your goals.


To get started, we will meet for 1.5 hours. After your initial consultation, a carefully constructed program will be mapped out for you over the next 8 weeks that encompasses all of your goals and needs. This will include ordering the proper herbs and learning how and when to take them, diet assessment and food education, food shopping lists, exercise routines and fitness education.


Contact me today to start your journey to a better tomorrow!
elena@elenabrunorotolo.com or 201-919-7174


Cost: $125 initial 1.5 hour consultation. $525 for the following 8 weeks.

Mother’s Day Gift Certificate


Your Mom deserves a special gift this year for Mother’s Day. This is the perfect time of year to show you care about her health and wellbeing. Print out the gift certificate below for her, purchase when used…


~Private consults $100.00


~4 week program including light exercise and stretching $100.00


~Personal training session $70.00


Mother’s Day Gift Certificate

Client Health History Form