Elena Bruno Rotolo | The Food You Eat
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The Food You Eat

The food you eat and how you eat it greatly influences all areas of your life. These basic tips will get you thinking in the right direction.

  • Buy, cook, and eat real food with whole ingredients. Avoid processed food with long ingredient lists and GE ingredients.
  • When selecting meat, dairy, and poultry, choose grass-fed and free-range
  • Reconnect with your food. Whenever possible, learn the story behind it and meet the people who grow it.
  • Familiarize yourself with your local or regional food history, cultural dishes, and seasonal specialties.
  • Shop at a farmers’ market, visit a farm, buy clean organic foods.
  • Cook and eat with others—not just family and friends. Bring new people and perspectives to the table. Help your children build a relationship with and an appreciation for real food.
  • Grow some of your own food! Start in your backyard, community garden or windowsill. Or, join a community garden and grow food with others.
  • Practice composting.