Elena Bruno Rotolo | Why Am I So Hungry?
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Why Am I So Hungry?

We’ve all been there. Late night snacks. Waking up in the morning “starving” or even going to bed the same way. Mid-afternoon sugar cravings.

It is most likely NOT the lack of food making you hungry! Some of the following are important factors in the reason you’re feeling so hungry.


Lack of Sleep

When you’re tired your body searches for a source of energy to power you through your day. It especially looks for sources of quick energy — foods that are high in carbs and calories.


You might not be hungry but just thirsty. Being dehydrated can make you feel lethargic which will, in turn, cause your body to hunt for an energy source — high calorie food! Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated — before reaching for that brownie — will help you cut down on those unnecessary extra calories.


Your brain doesn’t like to be bored! When it’s not working away thinking, it will hunt for something to give it a rush of dopamine — food! So stay mentally active to keep your brain happy.


As always, talk to your doctor about your medications — some of them might be boosting your hunger. Ask your doctor if there are any alternatives.


Source: Skinny News, March/April 2014 Issue